Not everyone has an easy way to get their first sats. Exchange accounts for buying bitcoin aren’t available to everyone. Mining any meaningful amount has an even higher barrier to entry.

That's why we're giving people an easy, third option: earning Bitcoin!

SatsBack gives people entirely new ways to earn Bitcoin satoshis by taking simple, everyday actions. We’re working to make earning sats as easy as using any of our other products.

Today we’re revealing the first of our SatsBack features—a 20,000 reward for simply connecting your Casa Node to Sats App. To connect your Casa Node, you’ll need to activate Tor and be fully up to sync with the network. We believe this is a great first incentive, as it will drive more use of Bitcoin Tor nodes on the network.

Future SatsBack features will not only help people earn sats -- we hope they will encourage better usage and adoption of Bitcoin. We’ll be announcing and rolling out more SatsBack features over the coming weeks!